About Me

Kate Snyder for WebI’m a Midwesterner by birth and inclination, but have chosen to make my home in Kentucky. As a single mom, half of my time is devoting to parenting three amazing children – two girls and a boy. They are my heart and soul and primary source of content for my writing (poor dears).

When my kids are with their dad, I read and cook and binge-watch TV shows several years after they were popular. I adore my small town and Leslie Knope may be my spirit animal.

I work for an arts organization and I believe that the world is a beautiful place. If I say I’m a quilter, it makes me sound like somebody’s grandma. If I call myself a fiber artist, I sound like a pretentious hippie. But whatever the title, I like colors and patterns and the experience of creating something new.

While I still hesitate to identify myself as “a writer,” writing is at the heart of what I do professionally and also how I spend a good bit of my free time. I love the way that language works and the feelings it evokes. I like extravagant adjectives, splashy verbs, and sneaking in a well-placed adverb. I get a kick out of flouting the grammatical rules I learned in my childhood by starting sentences with conjunctions. And writing the occasional sentence fragment. My secret wish is that one day, the editors of the Chicago Tribune will call me up and say — “Heidi Stevens is leaving. We want you to take her place.”